As the duo travelled more and worked with abandoned

Procreating in this chaotic world is a crime. Generally, people in India do not appreciate the idea."Exit the closetIt’s the stigma that results in several voluntarily child-free couples staying hidden in the closet. As soon as humans are gone, all these will start reversing and the planet will start recovering. We live in an overpopulated country where there are many orphan kids. Many might think that we are supportive of wiping out mankind from the face of Earth. "Parenthood is an irreversible process; there’s a dire need of awareness on jumping the gun."Minal opines, "Bringing a child into this chaotic and collapsing planet is the biggest child abuse. Our family has more or less accepted our thoughts, but they hope we would change our minds. One species alone cannot be entrusted with the safety and continuity of the planet. Human race will become extinct due to global warming, climate change and ecological destruction if we keep breeding like mushrooms.

We are waiting it out till we know the right time," says Rheea, who refuses to see the world in binary ways being ‘for’ or ‘against’ something. Child-free existence can be attributed to concerns over financial constraints, environment, population explosion, poor life-work balance, genetic illness, etc.Non-parenthood was a decision she made during her teens. In fact, we are very pro-adoption, but it’s a huge commitment. "Married for over seven years now, we are open about our decision to not have kids."Not to have a baby was always in my subconscious mind long before my parents started looking for an alliance. But you do things from your own understanding of the world and what it teaches you. With our unsustainable lifestyle for ages, we have almost destroyed the planet. Over the years, they have been pushed towards the thoughts about the joys of motherhood and family," observes Raeesa, a social media consultant and animal welfare volunteer in Chennai. "When the world is populated enough and we struggle with basic sustenance, there’s no need to add more people to it."ANTI-NATALISM IS PRO-LIFELike Minal, several couples would explain that their non-parenthood choice is a benignant act of altruism. "We believe that parenthood is full of frustrations and expectations, along with the obvious joys. I have seen many regretting having kids.Harshvardhan and RaeesaIt was her auto-immune disorder vitiligo that first prompted Raeesa and her husband Harshvardhan Jodha, a racing official at the Madras Race Club, to decide not to try to have kids. Why should we create more lives when we cannot look after our current state of affairs," she asks. People tend to become more selfish when they have children, and in many cases unintentionally hurt others."Kedar and SnehaKedar and his wife Sneha, a software engineer and Kathak dancer, had reached a consensus on non-parenthood before getting hitched.

"Convincing the family was difficult for seven to eight years, but sooner or later, they had to understand that China caster wheels Factory we have no interest in breeding. But it isn’t!"Now that their immediate family has accepted their choice, the couple doesn’t bother about the rest."The former is a choice and the latter, a philosophy. For me, no human is fit to become a parent when we don’t know how to live in harmony with nature. "We are not anti-anything. In fact, it’s the other way round. But only years later, after going vegan did I realise how destructive the homosapien is! However, I was lucky to have found an ambitious, career-oriented man who wanted to marry me only if I agreed to go child-free. Coming out requires a great deal of courage and conviction."Having kids can be a wonderful thing for many. As the duo travelled more and worked with abandoned or injured animals, the idea that humanity was becoming a burden to the rest of the species, reaffirmed. Many confess to have secretly wished to be as courageous as us to reject the pressure to procreate mindlessly," says Minal.Responsible non-parenting‘Happily ever after’ is perfectly possible without procreating. Living child-free for over two decades now, Chennai-based senior consultant interventional cardiologist Dr Sanjiv Agrawal and Minal, a vegan activist who runs a private cat shelter, vouches for it. Bashing the misconceptions that movements like anti-natalism and Voluntary Human Extinction Force support murder, Kedar Mohan Tembe, a sports professional based in Singapore, clarifies, "In fact, it is supportive of life – not just human life.Flawed ‘Isms’Among all these child-free couples are the ones who do not want to make ‘anti’ as their identity. If children make life complete, it should have been a loving society, a perfect world. The sixth mass extinction is because of human activity., whereas anti-natalism inculcates in one a moral duty to end suffering," he clarifies. Bengaluru-based writer Rheea Rodrigues Mukherjee and her partner Indrayudh Ghoshal, a music-theatre artiste, who parent two adopted dogs, are one such couple. Kedar adds, "Societal dogmas have no place in intellectual decisions. People find it difficult to accept, but that is more because of societal conditioning and not because they understand that they have a choice."The duo had kept the decision to themselves for long, but they had to finally blurt it out.

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This in turn would have also reconnected

The captain called out "pull up" three times, according to the cockpit voice recorder.In both cases, the faulty sensor tricked the planes computer into thinking the aircraft was about to stall, or lose lift. In the meantime, the aircrafts speed remained abnormally high, the five pilots and four aviation experts said. We own it and we know how to do it. Boeing declined to comment.Data shows the electric trim system was switched back on in an apparent effort to force the reluctant nose higher, the experts said. The report did not address that.Reactivating MCAS is contrary to advice issued by Boeing and the FAA after Lion Air.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the wake of the Lion Air disaster - the nose was still trimmed downwards, making it harder to pull up the plane.When MCAS triggered again, the jetliners trim was set to push the nose down at almost the maximum level, flight data shows, while the control column noisily vibrated with another stall warning called a "stick shaker.

"As pilots have told us, erroneous activation of the MCAS function can add to what is already a high-workload environment," Muilenburg said Thursday, adding Boeing was "sorry for the lives lost" in the crash.As with the Lion Air crash in Indonesia, faulty data from the angle of attack sensor, which measures how the wing is cutting through the air, may have set off a volatile chain of events.With its power restored, a final MCAS command kicked in, eventually pushing the nose down to a 40 degree angle at 500 knots, far beyond the planes safe operating speed, defined by Boeing as 340 knots. The co-pilot reported problems to air traffic control. At that point, they were a mere 3,000 feet above the airport, so low that a new warning - a computerised voice saying "dont sink" - sounded in the cabin.The combination of the planes speed - edging up towards design limits with the engines still at their take-off power - and the trim setting meant the pilots would have had to exert 50 pounds of force to pull back the control columns, the four experts and one of the pilots said, and moving a backup manual wheel instead was impossible.But data shows they were not able to fully counteract the computers movements. The preliminary report did not cover this issue.Ethiopian Airlines on Sunday called that scenario "completely speculative".

"As the nose gradually fell, the captain asked the co-pilot to try to trim the plane using the manual backup wheel in the centre console to help the plane recover from the dive, according to the voice recorder. The data readout shows they flicked those switches only briefly. "Its our responsibility to eliminate this risk.Ethiopian Airlines position is that the control problems only resulted from the crews losing battle with China nylon rollers Manufacturers MCAS, a source familiar with the airlines thinking said.Among the distractions was a "clacker" warning telling the pilots their aircraft was going too fast."This time, the pilots countered MCAS to greater effect, the experts said after studying the data..The first time the MCAS software kicked in, flight data shows the Ethiopian Airlines pilots reacted quickly by flicking switches under their thumbs - they had recognised the movements as the same type flight crews had been warned about after the Lion Air crash. This only kicked in after the MCAS system had started firing, the airline said. This in turn would have also reconnected MCAS.As the 737 MAX plunged, G-forces turned negative, pulling occupants out of their seats. The anti-stall MCAS software then pushed the nose down forcefully by intervening in the aircrafts trim system. The captain, according to the report, said it was not enough.Just six minutes after take off, the plane crashed into a field. The airline did not comment. Chief investigator Amdye Ayalew Fanta said on Thursday there was no indication of such damage.Several experienced pilots said there was an array of stressful factors sapping the pilots attention. It does show the pilots fully engaged in trying to save the plane.But it was too hard to move the wheel.The pilots managed to lift the nose slightly using the electric thumb switches on their control column. The report does not provide a reason for this.Boeing said it would not comment on ongoing investigations. But when they turned off the system - as they were instructed to do by Boeing and the U. Both men then tried to pitch the nose up together

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She further informs that the car weighs around

We learn the technical aspects in our academics, but taking decisions and using skills while keeping the team intact is what makes a difference," says Shreya Rajmane, the captain of the team, who graduated this year from the college.Further, this car is a brainchild of these young innovators coming together and combining their expertise.Since it is an electric car, it runs without any consumption of fuels. Talking about the vehicle and its components, the captain informs that it is a single seater Formula 1 style racecar, which has EMRAX 228 motor installed."These kind of projects help you experience the real world.

It was amazing.Working on the project for over 15 months, the team spent their time in three schedules – research and designing, development and manufacturing, followed by validation of the vehicle. And when it comes to pushing the technology to its limits, Indians have never left any stone unturned.The team will be competing with 120 teams from across the world, showcasing their design, engineering and project management skills, however, both the girls are confident to win the competition.The students have not just worked hard, but to use high-end technology, they also had to struggle to collect the funds amounting to `17 lakhs.J Somaiya College of Engineering, have made their first electric vehicle called Artemis. "Our aim was to keep it Indian, so we have used Devanagari script over the vehicle," she reveals. Safety was also a priority for us," she explains. Constructed with an aim of participating in the Formula Race Car Student competition that’s taking place from August 5 to 12 in Hockenheimring, Germany, and Formula Bharat in January 2020 in Coimbatore, the team has recently unveiled the car before starting their testing period. With an aim of making a reliable car and participating at the event titled as ‘Endurance’, the car is expected to run for 22 kilometres on a straight track.Moreover, the racecar’s exterior has an inscription in Devanagari script.

"Our aim was to complete that race without damaging the car. Adding to her, the captain, Shreya, says, "As of now, we have targeted these two events and China nylon wheels with the team like this, we are sure to win them both. The team comprising of 70 students including three girls are still into their academics, varying from first year to fourth year. "The entire industry is moving towards electrics, so it was the time for us also to move towards a greener future, and hence the idea of this electric car came," says the captain.6 seconds. "It was challenging, our marketing team had to be so strong. Contributing to the dynamic automobile world, a team of young engineers - Orion Racing India, who are the students of K. Initially, there were many issues but ultimately it went well.

She further informs that the car weighs around 230 kg and the acceleration power is of 0 to 100kmph in 4. Talking about her contribution, Sanjana Dhulla, who is one of the five drivers of the car, says, "I work on battery management system for designing and assuring that it works on the car.Fast cars have always been a fascination for automobile lovers.". They helped either with funds or with services," she shares. The major funds came from the college and the rest from different corporate houses. It has no emissions and the noise created by the motor is much less than compared to a petrol engine. It takes three hours to charge the battery and once charged, the car can run for 60kms. "This is the first electric car and clearing it in one shot is our aim right now, we are preparing hard and we know we will win," says Sanjana. To assure the durability of the car, the team has installed a self-designed battery management system, incorporated carbon fibre pre-pregs for manufacturing bodyworks and aerodynamic elements, and used selective laser sintering technique to manufacture steering wheel." She conquered three exams and an interview to become the wheelwoman of the vehicle

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The illumination featured on the Pulsefire Surge

The HyperX Pulsefire Surge is a superb gaming mouse for the price it demands. If you want an exciting looking gaming mouse that performs reasonably well under Rs 7,000, the HyperX Pulsefire Surge is your best buy. It can withstand the bashing while the adrenaline is rushing to higher levels or be a subtle style statement when you are doing normal data crunching. HyperX is not only stressing the performance, but also the RGB light decals.HyperX has given the Pulsefire Surge a braided wire, which prevents tangling rubber wheels Manufacturers and is strong enough to prevent it from damage whilst carrying it around in your backpack. The RGB light ring is a spectacle and beats the boredom during long sessions of office work. The NGenuity app can be further used to assign custom macro shortcuts. You can add more value to the Pulsefire Surge with their NGenuity app. Unlike most gaming mice that overdo the gaming-dedicated theme with extreme illuminated graphics, the Pulsefire Surge only offers an LED light ring, which runs around the bottom edge of the mouse, and the illuminated HyperX logo. And as usual, a USB 2.However, that’s not all.(source). The top offers ample palm support and is surprisingly satisfying to hold and use for longer sessions — thanks to high-quality plastics and a firm weight of 130g.7 million colours and features up to four brightness levels.

The glowing HyperX logo is also subtle. Most of them feature unique RGB illumination and crazy designs to make your PC gaming experience a bit special.0 male connector resides at the end. Each lighting effect can be further customised by changing colours as well.At first glance, the Pulsefire Surge looks like any other regular mouse — there are no extreme graphics or an alien ship-like stealthy shape unlike what the competition offers. Using the dpi adjustment button, one can switch between three levels of responsiveness — 800 dpi, 1600 dpi and 3200 dpi. The sensor supports a resolution of 16,000 dpi, which is more than enough for those requiring ultra-high precision tracking from their input device. The ergonomic shape also makes it easy to reach all the buttons across the mouse even those with smaller palms.If you are looking for a fancy gaming mouse these days, then there are plenty of options available at affordable prices.8m), which more than enough even for desktop users.The Pulsefire Surge uses a Pixart PMW3389 optical sensor for doing the tracking duties. For most parts, the 1600 dpi setting was comfortable for regular PC jobs such as navigating through web pages, drag-n-drop files between windows and move around the cursor on word documents.Since we have mentioned buttons, there’s set of Omron buttons on top that are extremely responsive and provides a satisfying tactic feel, especially when you are playing multiplayer battle games. The 3200 dpi setting was more suitable for gaming, especially for FPS games where a high level of precision and accuracy is most crucial.

The ring supports up to 16. The illumination featured on the Pulsefire Surge is pretty subtle yet makes a stylish statement — it doesn’t feel ostentatious. Users can customise the lighting effects from a preset of five lighting effects. HyperX is one of the many peripheral brands coming up with unique, yet quality gaming peripherals at attractive prices and their latest addition seems to be following the same philosophy — the Pulsefire Surge gaming mouse, priced at Rs 5,999. There’s a DPI adjustment key below the rubberised scroll wheel and two customisable macro switches to the left — a highly useful feature especially for gamers, and can also be used for browsing gestures. It feels normal and gels well with conventional PCs as well. The wire is pretty lengthy (around 1

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In earlier days, it was used for meditation purposes

However, people are not looking just for the traditional mandala."Mandalas are done using different tools such as pen and paint. They are impregnated with meanings, one among them being one’s journey from misery to wisdom and enlightenment.In her opinion, Buddha designs have got more takers. These circular symbols are part of many cultures including Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity.Every place has energy.Secrets of mandala designsA mandala carries three meanings — outer, inner and secret. Soothes your eyes7. These detailed and colourful paintings are done in the thangka style, and are considered a spiritual guidance tool that assists meditation. It can adorn floors, hallways and even tables! The idea is to fix mandala designs at places where one wants to sit back and relax. It is a place where the resident should be at ease. Helps in attaining balance3. In certain tribal cultures, they use it as an artistic outlet to explore their inner self. One of my clients has asked for mandala featuring Krishna.The concept is spiritual in context and is related to Buddhism and Hinduism. It is because minimalism is the new norm in interior designing. Many of the mandalas we come across are derived from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition where the work represents a pure and sacred existence of the space created by Buddha. For that, I improvised the style a bit and drew an image of Krishna surrounded by mandala designs. Following are a few benefits of installing mandala at home:1.4. Mandala designs, which combine geometric patterns and religious symbols, are mostly found in religious centres. Lets your creativity flow6. Though prints are available in the market, hand-made ones have got more demand, for they are unique.

"There are different kinds of designs. "Also, people prefer black and white mandala designs to colourful ones. Heals a person as the circular design reflects wholeness of a person. In Hinduism too, the work has spiritual connotations. Gives a sense of calmness. It signifies one’s journey in the rubber wheels Manufacturers circle of life. Some of the common symbols used in mandalas are lotus, bell and wheel with eight spokes. So, it is important that a person’s living space gets decorated in a way that it complements his/her life. It also has a reference to the Rigveda, one of the oldest scriptures.

"In earlier days, it was used for meditation purposes. However, one can improvise the design according to the requirement. Do not think that mandala designs are just confined to walls. The price range varies according to the effort and material used.The design is pretty much in demand in the interior designing sector. Improves concentration5. Art plays an integral part in bringing the calming effect to an area. I have also done similar works on Ganesha, Buddha, Mother and Child," adds Resmy, an autodidact. Brings peace and serenity to mind2. Everyone prefers a clutter-free, relaxed living space. Drawing mandala is a meditative process," she adds. "They want contemporary styles that are theme based," says Resmy. "Some brief us their preferences.(All mandela designs used in the article are done by Resmy Ajesh)Circle of lifeMandala is a Sanskrit word which means ‘sacred circle’. Among the plenty of options available, mandala design is the new mantra of soothing interior décor. It has an effect on the person who lives there. Mandala designs usually begin with a circle," says Resmy Ajesh, an architecture writer and a mandala artist based in Bengaluru

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